Simon Harris, Operations Director

Case Study: UNIFY Office Group & Vantage Online

Case Study: UNIFY Office Group & Vantage Online

Simon Harris, Operations Director

About UNIFY Office Group:

UNIFY is a dynamic, fast-growing organisation with the expertise to supply, support and manage the full range of unified office equipment and communication solutions and associated services to customers throughout the UK.

We’re proud to have built a strong and stable team of colleagues and partners who possess the right expertise to simplify the supply and service of managed office technology solutions from a wide range of industry leading manufacturers including Ricoh and Toshiba and software solutions including Nuance Equitrac, Autostore, eCopy, PaperCut and many more.


We had used Vantage’s legacy system Service Accent in our previous business structure, and we could see the huge potential benefits that the application could offer. However, a complete restructuring of our business which included a rebranding and a move to larger premises gave us a fresh start and the opportunity to put in place from the outset the best-of-breed solutions that would help us to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We were also keen to improve on those areas where we knew we could provide that little bit ‘extra’.

As part of this process UNIFY set out a clear, structured roadmap of what we wanted our service and back-office functions to look like, and how we wanted to manage service delivery to our valued customers. One of the first investments we recognised we needed to make was in a service management and billing solution. Most importantly, it needed to support both our initial requirements and have the ability to grow in size and scope as we rapidly expanded our business and customer base. After careful consideration and a whole-market review, we chose to partner once again with Vantage due to the flexibility and functionality of Vantage Online and the confidence we had in the Vantage team’s ability to support us whilst our new team settled in.


We found the implementation process to be smooth and hassle free. Meticulously planned, it was staged over multiple phases, which gave our users time to get used to Vantage Online whilst addressing questions, revisions and issues as they arose.

As a growing business looking to take advantage of new methods and best-practice, we devised a training plan with Vantage that involved the creation of a test database for user training, testing and familiarization. This gave staff the confidence to get to grips with the system without the fear of changing important data or ‘breaking’ things.

We are benefiting particularly from the ability of Vantage to integrate online with other critical systems, including our remote device monitoring applications and accounts software, and can now control toner order and supply and automate meter readings in such a way as to support our managed services offering to customers.

In addition to the continued benefits that process automation affords UNIFY, our ability to keep an accurate, accessible record of all service requests and engineer/support activities helps us to close the gap between sales and service. This ensures that we can feedback meaningful data to customers, provide real analysis of their fleet performance and maintenance requirements.

We are already planning to deploy the offline-capable Vantage Online ‘Wireless’ app to our engineers’ smartphones, enabling them to view, update and close jobs in near real time.

“Our communications with the team at Vantage have been clear and, if we have hit any issues that we are unsure of, then the team at Vantage have always been quick to respond. We have found Vantage Online to be a great product as it is easy to use, provides easy integration with other lines of business processes, and is backed up with high quality customer support.”

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