Sue Lenton, Managing Director

Case Study: Weaver Bomfords & Vantage Online

Case Study: Weaver Bomfords & Vantage Online

Sue Lenton, Managing Director

About Weaver Bomfords:

Weaver and Bomfords are one of the largest independent dealers of MPS and printing solutions in the North West and Midlands. As an accredited 5* Konica Minolta dealer and an authorised Sharp service centre we offer a wide range of products and solutions.

Our own in- house engineers and our strong emphasis on customer service has helped Weaver and Bomfords to continue to grow. We have a wide range of customers from local government, schools & colleges, to companies of all sizes and complexity and offer all of them market-leading solutions to help improve productivity and keep costs under control.


Weaver Bomfords has always been at the forefront of market developments. We constantly search for software solutions that give us highly visible useful information which both helps us manage our customer accounts more effectively and also to improve productivity. Having used Service Accent for many years, we are keen to invest in our key software platform so that we can continue to deliver both outstanding customer service as well as drive future growth plans.

As a highly collaborative business, we look to partner with teams who will work proactively with us to help us achieve our goals, and this is why we continue to enjoy our partnership with Vantage.


Having used Service Accent since 2010, we worked closely with Vantage during the initial scoping and planning stages of the development of Vantage Online. We enjoyed a stress-free migration to the new system, helped along by our mutual understanding of the need to work proactively together.

We have seen vast improvements to our reporting capabilities through the use of the live analysis centre and we are confident this will help us to improve productivity and reduce costs. The secure cloud solution has removed the need to maintain and secure our own infrastructure, and it has also freed up our staff from being tied to a single workstation: we can access our key data from any internet connected device. As a business, we’ve never been more mobile and never been more free in what we can do.

Our engineers use the Wireless App, and we also utilise the integration with FM Audit for the remote collection and processing of meter readings, toner alerts and fault/call logging. This has given both our support team and our engineers a cohesive and easy-to-operate centralised system to use whilst out in the office and out in the field.

Throughout the implementation process, we’ve found Vantage’s support team to be extremely efficient, friendly and approachable. We were impressed by their commitment to delivering a seamlessly effective on-boarding service, which had us up and running on Vantage Online in line with the agreed project plan.

I would thoroughly recommend Vantage Online to anyone who would like to see their business not only save time, reduce costs and improve profitability, but would like to future-proof their business with the best software available to organisations in our industry.

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