Mike Sandell, Operations Director

Case study: Zerographic and Vantage Online

Case study: Zerographic and Vantage Online

Mike Sandell, Operations Director

About Zerographic:

Founded in 1991, we quickly established ourselves as one of the nation’s leading professional print suppliers.

After an extremely successful start in bringing our services to a variety of businesses, organisations and sectors, we became a Xerox Premier Partner. This was the fuel in the engine of the company, driving forward an expansion in the key service areas of managed print services, office printers, copiers and professional printers.

With over 26 years’ managed print experience, highly competitive leasing rates and a portfolio of Xerox products designed around the operational needs of organisations, we offer national coverage and support from multiple regional branches.


Having used Service Accent successfully for many years, we were very happy with its ability as a service management and billing system; it was great at supporting the core processes required to invoice contracts in a timely and accurate manner.

The only issue that our growth was beginning to highlight, was that its ability to support profitability analysis was less comprehensive than a business of our size would ideally require. We also needed a billing system that could be linked seamlessly to our state-of-the-art CRM. As one of the largest Xerox providers in Europe, we needed a system that could support our future growth plans, and free up time to enable us to continue our progress. As business with 60+ staff and a c£16m turnover, we required a long-term solution that would support a business of this size.


Following a detailed appraisal of both Vantage Online and alternative solutions, it became apparent that Vantage’s new cloud solution comprehensively addressed all of our needs. Its Analysis Centre will enable us to gain a visibility over our core operations to a level never previously possible. I am convinced this will drive our focus in achieving increased profitability across all of our contracts.

We’re also currently working with the Vantage team to take advantage of their pending API to give us true bi-directional integration with our CRM, maximising the value of our investment.

Due to consistent growth, we were starting to see more and more time being spent in the process of invoicing contracts. Vantage Online’s improved workflow efficiency, and the easy to use customer-friendly interface, will free up considerable resources which I can channel back into areas that add real value to our business. Too often, time is gobbled up in process execution rather than the analytical actions which will drive the business forward. Vantage Online really solves this. We are already starting to see areas of considerable potential cost saving, and our improved management of our service delivery will enable us to interact with our clients in a much simpler, faster and more accurate way.

During our long association, Vantage has always been proactive about improving its services. This has become even more evident with the arrival of Vantage Online.

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