Is Vantage Online suitable for my MPS and/or Managed Services Business?

Vantage Online was designed, from its inception for exactly these types of business. With more than 300 successful implementations in over 30 countries worldwide we do not actively market our solutions to anyone outside of these two core markets. Vantage Online is the culmination of 25 years supplying and supporting clients in the office equipment, MPS and IT Managed Services markets – it’s what we do.

How comprehensive is your billing functionality?

What do you need? We believe that we have the most flexible, user-friendly and comprehensive meter billing functionality available anywhere. Whether you bill monthly or quarterly, in advance or in arrears, on account or by direct debit we’ve got it covered. One-time free copies? Period free copies? Free copies across multiple devices? TVP/TVRP type deals? Manually entered readings email/online readings, integration with all the major DCA’s including Print Audit, Print Fleet, One-Stop etc – all no problem. We never claim to be perfect, but if we haven’t got meter billing nailed then we should all go home right now.

Which accounts packages do you integrate with?

We are authorised developers for Sage and Xero accounting solutions and Vantage Online has ‘live-links’ as standard for these popular accounting solutions using the API’s provided by their developers to their partners. We also have a completely user-definable csv exporter built in that can be configured for any accounting application that has the ability to import transactions via a csv file.

Can I integrate my Print Audit or other DCA data into Vantage Online?

Yep – absolutely! We currently support more than 20 of the leading device collection agents including Print Audit, PrintFleet, FM Audit, PrintMIB and One-Stop amongst others. We also work with most of the leading manufacturers solutions including XDA/XSM, eMaintaintance, @Remote, uFleet, KyoFleet. Many of our clients use a combination of solutions from several suppliers and the beauty of Vantage Online is that you can use exactly the right solution for your mix of devices without worrying whether it is compatible with your service management and billing platform.

Tell me more about your datacentre.

Vantage Online is hosted in our UK data centre (there are actually two of them), and was chosen following an exhaustive selection process. Our data centre partners have more than 10 years’ experience in supplying online services, specialising in cloud solutions and being ISO 27001 certified and a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. They are also members of the Green Grid, Data Centre Alliance, and the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.
Using the very latest technologies to ensure it is secure, high performing and resilient – with no single point of failure, our primary centre has been running since 2008 with 100% uptime.
Vantage Online itself has been designed to be highly scalable and redundant. The network architecture has been designed and implemented using Network Load Balancing, pools of web servers for both front end application (website) and API access, and clustered databases. We provide additional load balancing and fault tolerance over and above the data centre’s committed levels. Virtual servers run from different physical machines reducing the threat of outages should any one piece of hardware fail.
If you would like to know more about PCI DSS Level 1 service provider requirements or N+1 resilience or even our multiple fibre links from several Tier 1 providers, we have people here who would love to get ‘geeky’ with you.

Is Vantage Online truly scalable?

Well, our smallest customer has three staff and less than 50 devices currently under management. Our largest has a turnover of in excess of £50 million and close to 20,000 multi-functional devices under contract. Whether you need a simple-to-use standalone solution or a completely integrated service management and billing platform then we believe we have the solution to your requirements. After 25 years though we have learnt not to try to put square pegs in round holes – if we feel that Vantage Online is not the best solution for your specific needs then we are not afraid to say so. We can even give you specific examples of where we have agreed with prospective clients that there might be products available from other sources that better meet their stated requirements. If you’re a multi-national $billion corporation and you’d be better off talking to Oracle or SAP then you probably know that already – other than that we’re willing to explore the possibilities if you are?

Do you offer a dedicated onboarding service?

Absolutely! It’s a fundamental part of the service we offer. If anyone tries to pretend to you that implementing a new service management and billing solution is easy and 100% pain-free, then our advice would be to politely show them the door. All new clients get a dedicated, experienced project manager who acts as the sole point of contact from the moment you place an order, through to when your training is complete and you go-live. We undertake a formal, structured scoping process with all new customers and produce simple, but comprehensive implementation project plans that need to be signed off as complete by every client before they can be handed over to our dedicated helpdesk support team for ongoing support. Our implementation consultants are all experienced office technology and IT professionals, most of them having years of prior experience as service engineers/managers, consultants and/or front-line IT technicians. We make sure that your project manager has the time and resources to deliver as smooth and comprehensive an onboarding process as possible.

How does your support work?

We like to keep things simple, so our subscriptions include unlimited technical support via whatever means necessary, as standard. There are no ‘caps’, no ‘vouchers’ and you call us as often as you like and speak directly to our full-time, dedicated support staff. We don’t hide behind canned-responses or unmanned chat services because we understand that despite the benefits of automation there are many times when you just need to talk to someone. All updates and enhancements are also included as standard and we even offer an inclusive report creation allowance as part of the service. Whilst the support team are not there to provide user-training – we do charge for that – everything else required to deliver outstanding ongoing support is included within the one subscription.

Do I get updates and enhancements included within my subscription?

Yes indeedy, absolutely, definitely, 100%.

Who has access to my data?

No-one apart from yourselves. Not our developers, not our support staff, not even our Directors can access your actual data without that access being proactively instigated by you or your authorised staff. There are sometimes occasions when we need to take a look at what a user is doing in order to help answer their question, but in such cases connection to your system needs to be instigated by you and cannot be done without your explicit permission.

I have bespoke reporting requirements. Can you accommodate these?

Almost always the answer is yes. Our multi-layered reporting features include live Dashboards, a live Analysis Centre, a suite of standard reports and an in-built report writer and then to top it all a user-definable csv export tool that gives you access to every single field anywhere in the database. Our reporting is constantly evolving and we are currently working on enhanced BI and predictive analytics features that enable you not only to report on historical events/data, but also ask ‘what if’ questions to provide forward-looking analysis of your business-critical data.

Why is Vantage Online better for my business than my current solution?

To be honest, we’re not yet sure that it is. We would however appreciate the opportunity to find out. What we can say is that we have had clients join us from all of the well-known names in the market, both UK and internationally. In the last 10 years, we have, to the best of our knowledge, lost only 9 clients to competitors’ solutions and in most of those cases it was due to a fundamental change in the nature of their business, a takeover by someone who already had a preferred solution in place or in one case due to a breakdown in the relationship caused by a silly misunderstanding. We’re not claiming to be perfect, we’re not even always right, but we are 100% honest about our software and solutions and 100% dedicated to the MPS and Managed Services markets that we serve. It wouldn’t take more than an hour of your time to find out if we can offer your business the kind of tangible benefits that are required to justify investing in Vantage Online and we’re proud of the fact that we have been able to do just that for hundreds of businesses that are probably very similar to your own.

Thank you!

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