Nick Hough, Junior Developer – My Journey to Vantage

Nick Hough, Junior Developer – My Journey to Vantage

My story starts at the age of 9, with a natural inquisitiveness for all things electronic. I began by teaching myself C++ and from there I moved on to a variety of languages, including C#, Java, PHP, HTML, and CSS. I soon found myself excited by what I could achieve, and I couldn’t wait to use these languages in real-life situations.

I must admit that I didn’t care too much for secondary school, probably because I was ‘forced’ to study subjects that I couldn’t see myself using in the future. Kids eh!  After leaving school, I decided to attend college, rather than 6th Form, because I already knew that I wanted to specialise in software engineering. After college I moved on to University where I studied Computer Science, and graduated with a first-class honours.

Following graduation, I did some freelance work, alongside teaching coding for a training company in the evenings. During this time, I completed a number of projects including a Cryptography program used to compress and encrypt files for a games company, as well as designing several commercial websites. All the while, I was looking for the full-time role that would help me to kick-start my career, which led me to Vantage.

I was immediately made to feel welcome and was particularly struck by the friendly and collaborative culture. Everyone is very open and when you have an idea or a solution to a problem, you are allowed to follow that through to its natural conclusion.

At present I’m a Junior Developer; spending much of my time investigating and deploying enhancements, as well as dealing with those inevitable bug fix requests. I can’t believe how much I’ve already taken to Vantage Online and how much I’ve already learnt in a couple of months. I truly believe that Vantage has the drive, vision and determination to constantly improve, and as a result, I can see myself being a part of Vantage for a very long time.

Although I’ve only started my journey, I’m pleased that I’ve already been able to make a contribution to the 1.6.3 release and I’m now working with experienced colleagues on the API and Customer Web App.

It’s still early days, but so far it looks like I made a really good choice. I’ve even been told I can have a regular blog slot – so watch this space. I’ve also got one little project idea that I hope you will all find really useful.

Thank you!

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