Vantage are thrilled to have Compass on board, as the combination of their innovative Sherpa sales system with Vantage Online creates a unique and powerful management system, with seamless integration between the two.

Compass Sherpa allows dealers to utilise innovative functionality to prospect, price, propose, close, and maintain both customer and prospect sales activity. Compass have now decided to join the ever-increasing group of companies who benefit from using Vantage Online to augment their offering by providing their users with far greater functionality and flexibility.

Using the newly developed functionality, dealers can now easily import new client records, identify machine upgrades, view real-time equipment information and take note of any expiring leases. Sales teams can also view contract, meter and service history more clearly, all in one centralised location. All this provides the ability to execute overall strategic management with greater precision and, therefore, better results.

Both companies are excited about the future which the partnership heralds, with Troy Casper, President and founder of Compass Sales Solutions, saying:

“The automation of front-end workflow via Compass Sherpa and live, supported access to Vantage Online from prospect through fulfillment brings a whole new level to the sales game. A relationship like this offers another great solution for the entire imaging channel”.

Tony Milford, Managing Director for Vantage, is equally enthusiastic about the Compass migration, saying:

“Compass Sherpa is a highly effective and industry-specific sales system that continues to develop innovative solutions, which is why we have chosen it as a partner.  They have an outstanding reputation and a proven track record of success! The Compass Product easily integrates with Vantage Online, giving our customers’ sales teams the essential tools they need to generate leads and close more deals”.

For more information about Vantage Online, call 01462 791120 or click here

About Compass Sales Solutions:

Since 2001, Compass Sales Solutions has been the leading sales force automation provider for the office technology industry in 8 countries with over 13,000 users.  Compass Sherpa provides a comprehensive suite that automates all aspects of the sales process and allows your sales professionals to utilize one tool to manage their sales goals completely. This includes prospect/client identification, Outlook integration, product configuration, proposal generation, MPS analysis and mapping, ERP integration, and mobile access via smartphones and tablets.  Compass Sherpa will be the tool your team will want to use, not have to use.  Visit us at or contact Tami Dittemore on for more information


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