PAE Business was founded in in 2001 and is a leading solutions provider in the MPS & MCS sector. It offers award-winning applications and services to its clients to give their businesses a competitive advantage. Its list of partners includes many of the leading global technology companies including Canon, Dell, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox.

Having earned a living in the Office Equipment industry for 36 years, there is no doubt that selling MFPs and printers is even tougher now than it has ever been. Every statistic is doom laden: device sales – down, revenue – down, profitability – down, costs – UP!

However, if a steady increase in the print device numbers that our dealers are monitoring is an indication of success, then many dealers seem to be bucking this trend and thriving. When I meet with them to discuss business and how we can help, the majority of those prospering have embraced integration in their back-office systems to increase efficiency and reduce cost where possible. One of our most successful partnerships frequently features in these conversations – the long and successful relationship we have with Vantage.

The partnership started back in 2006. I visited an office on an industrial park in Stevenage and met a very nice chap called Tony Milford [Vantage’s Managing Director] who showed me how they could take the meters from devices tracked on our very recently launched Remote device management tool, IDM, and import them directly into their Service Management tool, without a single keyboard stroke. I was gobsmacked.

As if that wasn’t enough, he showed me how a service alert raised by the device could automatically create a service call in their system, so it could be tracked, monitored and measured. I was so excited. It was the first integration of our software with any platform that I had seen in Europe.

Since then our partnership with Vantage has grown. We share many customers who seamlessly transfer meter readings for invoicing, generate service calls, and deliver toner based on the integration of our two systems. In doing so they provide a better experience to their customers, increasing the likelihood of retaining them and building their customer base.

It also removes cost from the back office. Estimated invoices no longer exist, toner can be shipped just in time, toner stock in the field reduced, engineer visits planned proactively, and SLAs hit. In a market where costs cannot be passed on to the end user, it is critical to control internal processes to minimise the cost of doing business.

The partnership between two market leaders, PAE & Vantage, has allowed our customers to do this and our continued innovation has brought many benefits that have helped them grow and succeed. I often reflect on that meeting 12 years ago and think it was a key moment in the development of the MPS market in the UK and the success enjoyed by our dealers.


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