Vantage announces integration with Data Direct

Vantage announces integration with Data Direct

Vantage has announced that integration between Vantage Online and Data Direct has completed development and internal testing and will be ready for mutual clients to take advantage of within a few weeks – once final field testing has been completed.

Leading OEM and compatible consumables supplier Data Direct pride themselves on making it as easy as possible for their clients to do business with them. Providing the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage transactions with clients is seen as central to supporting their ambitious growth plans.

Given that so many Data Direct clients use Vantage Online to manage every aspect of their service and supplies delivery, enabling a process that allows users to send purchase orders through Data Direct without having to print or email them reduces duplication and removes the potential risks associated with incorrect data entry. It also massively increases visibility in the supply chain.

Upon creation, authorisation and consolidation of a purchase order, Vantage Online will validate prices and allow POs to be sent seamlessly into Data Directs back office system. Vantage Online will then be automatically updated with dispatch details for both orders being delivered direct to the end-user client and those that are being shipped to the dealer for onwards delivery. Invoices from Data Direct will then be pushed directly into Vantage Online to allow for simple purchase invoice processing without the need to key in yet more data.

“Our customers can now place orders directly from Vantage Online and receive confirmation, POD’s and invoices back without any administration or duplication of work”, said Patrick Winterbottom, Managing Director of Data Direct. “This will lead to improved efficiency, reduced stock holdings and improved margins”.

Initially available at no additional cost, Vantage’s supplier and partner integration will form part of their enterprise subscription for Vantage Online, which will also include access to the pending API and all new replacement customer web portal – both due for release this year.

Tony Milford, Managing Director at Vantage, added:

Vantage Online was designed from its inception to provide clients with the most user-friendly and cost-effective end-to-end service management solution possible.A large part of the benefit that clients can obtain through the use of Vantage Online relates to its ability to significantly reduce the amount of work users are required to do in order to process sales and purchase orders”.

“We have made a great start to enabling our clients to spend less time entering and updating data and more time concentrating on the things that add real value to their business. We look forward to adding an increasing number of integrations with leading manufacturers and distributors, as well as the work we are currently undertaking on the full API for Vantage Online”.

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