Vantage experiences major surge in software uptake

Vantage experiences major surge in software uptake

After an unprecedented record first sales quarter, software developer Vantage has seen a major surge in uptake of its service management system, Vantage Online. Vantage’s second quarter has seen continued new business wins as well as an increasing number of migrations for existing clients from legacy system Service Accent.

Vantage’s service management and billing software Vantage Online has already proven to be of huge benefit to many businesses, driving increased profitability, efficiency and visibility over their operations. It offers an in-depth insight often not found in other systems, making areas such as helpdesk and field service, stock, reporting and billing functions significantly more efficient.

It is turning out to be a very successful 2017 for Vantage, whose team have already developed and released cutting edge integrations with many other complimentary systems including most DCA’s and the online ordering platforms from leading distributors such as Westcoast and Data Direct.

As just one example, Vantage recently undertook the hugely successful migration from a leading US dealer management platform for print, copy and office solutions provider Futurform.

Commenting on the success of the migration, Futurform Sales & Operations Director David Oliver said:

“Switching to Vantage Online has been the smoothest large software transition I’ve ever experienced. It has streamlined our business model and without doubt supported an increase in profitability. We were assigned a dedicated, experienced Project Manager who guided us through the whole migration process, and the training was tailored to the specific needs of our staff and our business, with multiple onsite visits and ongoing online training sessions delivered in such a way as to avoid significant disruption to the business.”

The migration has seen instant results for Futurform, with reductions in costs across their operations.

“In the real world, we’ve experienced an 11% decrease in operating costs YTD – and most of this has been enabled by Vantage Online. We’ve also reduced our business software costs by 45%, whilst increasing the number of overall users.”

And as Vantage’s services have seen an increase, so has their team; they have hired new developers this year, and are actively looking to recruit more.

Tony Milford, Managing Director at Vantage, said:

“We want to bring Vantage Online to as many businesses as possible, and that can only happen with our own continuing growth. Luckily for us, we have a fantastic development team bringing our software to clients, helping them to make considerable savings in time and costs, and we’re looking for more great developers to take us further. We’re hugely excited about the future of Vantage, and look forward to helping many more businesses over the months and years to come.”

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