Ian Collins, Operations Director

“We saved time and money”: How Unidoc Solutions Boosted Efficiency

“We saved time and money”: How Unidoc Solutions Boosted Efficiency

Ian Collins, Operations Director

About Unidoc Solutions:

At Unidoc Solutions, we are more than just our services: We value providing cutting-edge solutions on time, within budget and exceeding expectations, delivered within a culture of openness and trust.

Unidoc Solutions offer a broad range of office technology solutions alongside innovative cloud-based document storage services. Our directors have 60 years’ cumulative experience within print and software, working at director level in both the manufacturer and dealer sides of the Industry. 


Unidoc Solutions has achieved some impressive growth in the past year, and recently won a new account requiring the deployment of 800 machines across hundreds of UK locations. Such a vast operational task requires not only a wealth of industry expertise and experience, but also efficient processes. 

In the past, we have effectively managed contract/meter billing, consumables and service delivery through multiple databases and spreadsheets, but such rapid growth meant this quickly became impractical. With our desire to maintain a smooth internal process to guarantee the best experience for our clients, we knew that we needed to automate as many of these areas as possible. As our key mission is to manage customer satisfaction via the use of latest technology, software and management tools, we knew systems existed that could support us in achieving this.


After considering several industry-specific providers, we selected cloud-based system Vantage Online. Its developers, Vantage, have a proven track record in delivering robust solutions. They understood our business and supported our need to boost efficiencies in order to pass these time savings onto our clients.

We had a particularly important requirement to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ changing needs. This meant partnering with a supplier that worked with a huge variety of complementary solutions, rather than restricting us to their ‘preferred solution’. As a result of these varied solutions, over 95% of our metered device readings are collected automatically using remote monitoring systems. This dramatic increase in the efficiency of billing, service and administration functions leaves our team free to concentrate on where they add most value – focussing on our clients needs.

Unidoc Solutions also sought to improve our customer helpdesk, with the aim of being able to identify and prioritise customer issues with greater efficiency than ever before. Vantage Online’s automated customer notifications now keep our clients fully updated on the progress of their tickets, ensuring that they get effective communication throughout the support process. Efficient automation also presents us with the right information at the right time – ensuring we can offer a proactive service addressing many issues before they even occur.

From a reporting perspective, we now have improved access to customer, contract and equipment dashboards highlighting account status, service performance and a whole host of management information. These reports are tailored to individual members of our team, giving them the data necessary to deliver better service. Overall, we’ve gained visibility, transparency and enhanced control.


Vantage Online has helped Unidoc Solutions to gain transparency and control over multiple elements of our business. This technology integrates seamlessly with our processes, enabling us to meet and exceed the outstanding service our clients have been used to receiving from us. We have improved internal efficiency and saved ourselves both time and money in the process. If your needs are similar to ours, then we have no hesitation in recommending Vantage Online. The solution is great, the plans for the future exciting and Vantage really deliver what they say they will.

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